Sunday, November 21, 2010

today's reading list.
It is an excellent paper, giving the rise and fall of ketogenic diets. It also shows that 2-3 weeks are required to get adapted to ketogenic diets. Also the good range of protein is 1.2gm/kg to 1.7gm/kg for ketogenic diets. Lower levels tend to lose muscle mass and higher tend to cause problems. Also it shows that sodium potassium intake is of paramount importance in ketogenic diets.
Very important article showing that good diets can fail because of minor elements.
The third in a series on pitfalls of low carb diets.
A description of how VLDL and LDL are related and how they relate to carbs.
One reason why children should be fed exclusively with mothers milk till supplementary solid foods are required. Feeding the formula may insert adult bacteria in the gut of the child which will rob important nutrients. Interestingly complex sugar molecules in human milk are different compared to other animals and support only a very specific type of bacteria. The human milk will not support other bacteria and will help them die out.
It seems high carb/low fat diet can be better for weight loss than low carb/high fat diets. It depends on insulin resistance. This is true only when you restrict calories to equal amounts. In real life it is easier to restrict calories on low carb diets.
This is good. It shows that insulin is non-inflammatory, while all the time I had been assuming that insulin is problematic.

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