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Cancer: A plague caused by modern lifestyle.

Otto Warburg was given a Nobel Prize for his research on Cancer in 1931. He discovered that cells become cancerous when their mitochondria are destroyed. This results in the cells not able to do aerobic energy production. The only option left to them is anaerobic one. This is very inefficient, and works only on glucose. It results in them requiring a whole lot of glucose.

One way to control cancer is to reduce glucose in the diet. This will prevent the cancer cells from getting glucose from the body as easily, but they will still get some. The body will be converting a lot of protein into glucose to provide the required glucose, so the diet must be quite high in protein, even for a non-vegetarian. This strategy works when the cancer is still very small. When it is big, this strategy may be of only marginal help.

One problem with this strategy is that not all people are able to live well on a very low carb diet. In this diet you would have to be below 50gms of carb, and protein above 2.5gm/Kg lean body weight. This is hard for many people. You will require some supplementation to handle the lack of specific nutrients because of too few vegetables in the diet. Some people have been able to control their cancer this way. The good thing is that it has no adverse effects, and you can live your life to the fullest.

Chemotherapy is known to help some people and is generally bad for most. It could be used as a last resort. I have heard that very long water fasting (more than 3 days) before the therapy helps in dealing with the effects of chemotherapy. The fasting prepares the body for very adverse situation, and when the body is ready it is able to handle the damage caused by chemotherapy much better.

This is all that I know of handling cancer.

Now for the causes of cancer.

Cancer is caused by any number of situations. From the environmental radiation, carcinogens, etc. The body has mechanisms to deal with cancerous cells. It will kill cancerous cells, before they can cause damage. It requires vitamin D3 to fight the cancer cells, or any other infection for that matter, and even to fight bad agents in the food like Wheat Germ. Wheat germ is known to reduce vitamin D3 levels in the blood.

Unfortunately with current lifestyle of working during the day covered under a roof has made it difficult to get enough vitamin D3. Fortunately, you can buy Vitamin D3 capsules or eat enough wild fish.
Cancer is know to occur more frequently in the Cities than the villages. It also becomes more common as you go away from the equator.

Vitamin D3 is very very critical. Not just for cancer. If you don't want to get it artificially, eat enough fish, and get some noon sun (around an hour in India) lying in the sun. It will be difficult in the beginning, increase it slowly. Vitamin D3 is the reason why sun bathing is so popular in Western countries, they get so little sun.

Another factor is cholesterol. It is known to be inversely related to cancer. Cancer normally happens to people below 180mg/dl of total cholesterol. Cholesterol like Vitamin D3 is required for fighting cancer and external agents. Low cholesterol also makes you more vulnerable to diseases. I know 180mg/dl is now considered to be too high for heart disease. But this is a myth.

Insoluble fiber is known to cause cancer in the Colon, due to the constant abrasion, same process that causes lung cancer due to smoking.

High Omega6 to Omega3 ratio is known to be associated with cancer. That ratio also tends to reduce cholesterol so it may be that refined oil consumption is related to cancer because of its effect on Cholesterol. It can be directly responsible as the high ratio is highly inflammatory. The inflammation may also cause cancer. We don't know the mechanism behind it, only the association. The high ratio is also known to be associated very closely with heart disease, but there also we don't know the actual mechanism.

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