Thursday, November 11, 2010

Myth: Skipping breakfast is a bad thing.

So how many people believe that skipping breakfast is a very bad thing.

Does it cause stomach ulcers as some people believe?

Also you must have heard that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.

So is there any truth in it?
Not much really.

The result comes from badly designed epidemiological aka observational studies. A rhetorical question: Are there any well designed observational studies?

Most people skipping breakfast eat some junk on the go. This skews up the result so much that you see bad results, even though the results are due to the junk food rather than skipping breakfast.

There is some truth to eating breakfast like a king quote. The benefit comes from the eating supper like a pauper, not from the eating breakfast like a king.

Some people also think that skipping breakfast will cause stomach ulcers. This is also hogwash, now we know that ulcers are produced due to Halicobacter Pylori bacteria. The bacteria lives on Hydrogen released from digestion in the small intestines. Most of the hydrogen is produced while metabolizing fructose. So ulcers are due to consuming sugary foods. That is also associated with eating junk on the go.

What you should eat depends on insulin resistance. If you have a good working insulin system, you will not have any trouble as most kids can put away junk like anything and still look healthy.

It normally takes a long time (around 20years) for the metabolic system to get disrupted. This is why people start to get fat between 20-25years of age. Although now children are getting a damaged metabolism from their parents, who do not supply enough nutrients to the growing child by not breast feeding, and giving the harmful packaged baby food. I regret doing it for my son, but I was unaware. I can only hope to make others aware.

If your metabolic system is sane and you don't have insulin resistance you will not feel hungry all the time, and you don't require snacking. Notice how children will say most of the time that they are not hungry and then we force them to eat.

If you have fixed your metabolic system you can eat when you want. It doesn't matter.

Now that I have fixed my metabolic system and the insulin resistance, I regularly skip breakfast. In fact most of the days I am eating only two meals, lunch and dinner. It is also a wonderful way to keep calorie consumption down. I like to eat big meals. Now by skipping breakfast I can do that two times a day, and still not gain weight ;-).

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