Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feedback from a glucometer for a prediabetic.

I collected some data from a friend, who is pre-diabetic, on how his blood sugar reacted to different foods.
I had asked him to get his blood sugar below 140, preferably below 120. And to do this he had to experiment with what he ate.
With a diet he self selected based on the feedback from glucometer, he could normalize his blood sugar within 2 days.
I analyze the first 5 days of his food log, and these provide some very interesting information.

Day 1
Fasting 140
Upma aampana, half apple -190
Ghiya Chana dal bhindi 2 rotis curd - 193
predinner 112
3 drum sticks + salad (tomato + cucumber) 118.

From this we can see that Upma caused a massive increase in bg level, due to the high content of carbs in upma. The lunch caused another big increase again because of the high carb content in the daal and rotis. The dinner was low in carbs and medium in fiber and resulted in very little increase.

Day 2
Fasting 127
methi rotis-2 apple pommegranate 175
pre lunch 96
moong dal cauliflower soup rotis-2 curd 169
lassi 105
salad(cuc+tomato) soup 110
The fasting has dropped due to the low carb dinner. Again a 50point increase due to rotis and fruits at breakfast. The lunch increase was huge >70points due to the dal and rotis. Dinner was low carb.
The lassi shows that curd is being handled very well, and not causing much rise.

Day 3
Fasting 108
4 eggs baked anar, jamun, water melon 112
pre-lunch 100
poha(1/2 bowl uncooked) dahi 164
roasted chicken 123(2 o'clock late night)

Fasting has actually become good, in just two days. A low carb and low fat breakfast, not much increase. Poha caused 64 point increase, due to being mostly carbs. 123 at 2 o'clock is probably more due to the late night stress rather than the (lack of) carbs in the chicken.            

Day 4
fasting 111
4 eggs scrambled anar, jamun   98
2 eggs 2 med potatoes veg curd 131
predinner 94
chicken curry   cucumber

Fasting is higher than PP after a low carb breakfast. This happens because the insulin spike causes the glucose in the blood to be absorbed making the bg level lower. In some people it can trigger hunger, so eating breakfast can make you hungrier. After lunch is a bit higher, possibly because of eggs and potatoes and curd. Protein can and does convert to glucose, when they exceed the requirement. Breakfast and lunch proteins due to eggs is 40gms. Breakfast protein must have been utilized but this protein may have got converted.

Day 5
fasting 111
3 eggs boiled  
Rice chicken 1 spoon icecream 111
roasted fox nut, roasted chana 183
curd rice sambhar 158      

A very low carb and medium fat breakfast must have resulted in a low bg level, though it was not measured. This is probably why rice did not cause the level to go very high. The evening is very interesting. A small amount of roasted nuts and chana caused the level to rise to 183. This effect is called Chinese restaurant effect. It is caused by a very high fiber with very low carbs and very low fat food. This shows that snacking should be avoided, by diabetics. If you need to snack do it with something high in fat. A moderate carb dinner probably did not cause much bg rise, as the pre-dinner bg level would already be higher due to the snack.

I hope the above analysis gives people some idea on how easy it is to control your blood sugar level.

Important Note: This information only applies to people on medicines like Metformin. It does not apply to people on Insulin. Insulin users please do not try this unless you know how it affects your insulin intake.

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  1. I second Anand's analysis and a low carb high fat diet is doing wonders to my husband. Just one needs a lil discipline :)