Monday, June 15, 2009

More about me.

I had never actually exercised with any consistency till July 2008. I had lived in mountains for about 5 years, for studies, which probably gave me a good base. Since then I had been gaining fat, a couple of Kgs every year. I had reached around 95Kg till last year.

I love food. I also am very miserly with leftovers. I finish them all off. I also love sweets.

During the past year, I have attempted to change my self. I started with Swimming in May. I felt good doing it and then started to get serious about it. I continued to improve swimming, and eventually could swim for 30-45 minutes continuously. This helped me get in better shape, but resulted in no loss of fat.

I also started reading a lot. I came across the truth about six pack abs website. I joined the newsletter. I read a lot there. It showed that weight lifting was the way to go, and also to change my diet. I followed this September and October. Then I came across, and discovered Starting Strength by Rippetoe. From November I started following the exercise advise from there. I lost 10 Kgs on the diet and exercise routine. It helped me a lot, but not where it counts, the belly.

People on used to talk a lot about Atkin's diet. I used to think it was too extreme. Then in April I came across, Free the Animal website, and discovered Paleolithic diet principles. Since then I have lost another 10Kgs and I am at 78Kgs.  This time I have lost a substantial amount of belly fat. Now I am discovering Evolutionary Exercise principles.

Whole Health Source gave me a lot of appreciation of the science behind the Evolutionary diet principles.

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